In a coordination meeting last January 23, key figures gathered to discussed initiatives aimed at bolstering Bacolod City’s economy and education.

Present in the meeting with Mayor Albee Benitez were the OIC Regional Director of the Department of Trade and Industry Ms. Rachel Nufable, Provincial Director Niña Connie Dodds of TESDA, and Ms. Judilyn Cañete, President of Medstar Billing Technology and Resources. Additionally, Department Heads Ms. Mary Jean Ramos (CPDO) and Ms. Maria Imelda Williams (Budget).

The primary objectives of the meeting were as follows:

1. Lunsod Lunsad Project Grant Update:The meeting provided a comprehensive update on the progress of the Lunsod Lunsad Project Grant by the Department of Trade and Industry. Additionally, discussions were initiated for the submission of a proposal outlining plans for the prospective Bacolod Film Festival.

2. Healthcare Information Management Services (HIMS) Capital Vision: A visionary initiative was unveiled to position Western Visayas as the HIMS capital, with Bacolod City spearheading this endeavor.

3. @SENSO Academy and Upskilling Programs: presented the @SENSO Academy, outlining plans for an upskilling program catering to the needs of the HIMS sector, BPO industry “near hires,” and the tourism and engineering services outsourcing sectors. Foreign placement opportunities were highlighted for these programs.

4. Funding and Collaboration with TESDA: Explorations were conducted to secure funding and collaboration with TESDA for the implementation of the proposed training programs, ensuring support system for skill development.

5. Collaboration with BCC: The prospect of running these programs in collaboration with the Bacolod City College (BCC) was explored.
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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