Contact Information

Office of the City Mayor

(034) 434-9122, (034) 432-7196,

City Tourism Office

(034) 469-6062,

Local Investment and Promotion Board

City Planning and Development Office

Tel No. (034)434-3184,

City Cooperative and Livelihood Development Office

Tel. No. Showroom: (034) 469-3768, (034) 469-4120, 0928-546-4067,
Office of the City
Bacolod City
Bacolod Housing
Bids and Awards
Bacolod Traffic Authority
City Engineers
City Health
City Administrators
City Legal
City Library
City Veterinary
City Civil
City Mayor’s Office –
City Mayor’s Office –
City Mayor’s Office –
City Treasurer’s Office Landtax
City Treasurer’s Office – License
Department of Public Services (DPS)
General Services
Human Resource Management
Office of the Building Official (OBO)
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