September 11, 2022 – Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez held a dialogue with the Bacolod Filipino-Chinese Community to address concerns and cater recommendations regarding business-related matters in the city.

Permit transactions and utility consumption on water and energy were the difficulties raised during the dialogue.

The e-Governance, one of Benitez’s eight-point agenda, was emphasized during the discussion as it aims for efficiency and convenience in permit transactions. Some part of the business permit processes can be avoided and Benitez is planning on reducing it by “30 percent”.

One of the initiatives by the Benitez administration is the Bacolod Express Service Office (BESO), a satellite office found in Ayala Malls Capitol Central for one-stop government transactions.

Moreover, Benitez also updated the said community regarding his meeting with Primewater as they are troubleshooting and taking measures in resolving dirty water, one of which is through air scouring, and he is also looking into utilizing solar energy to reduce power rates and coal consumption.

The event will be one of many dialogues Benitez will pursue to continue with other community-based constituents of the city as he is “open for suggestions, proposals, and criticisms” all for the betterment of Bacolod City.

Present also in the event were Bacolod City councilors: Hon. Jude Thaddeus Sayson, Hon. Psyche Marie Sy, Hon. Vladimir Gonzalez, and Hon. Al Victor Espino.

Officials and representatives attended were from:

Negros Island, Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Industry, Inc.

Bacolod Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

Southern Negros Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

Northern Negros Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Negros Chapter

Negros Occidental Filipino Chinese Amity Club

Bacolod Filipino Chinese Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bacolod Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade

Negros Occidental Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade

Negros Occidental Che Yong Cua Chua Association

Kang Ha Family Association Negros Occidental Chapter

Negros Occidental Lioc Kui Fraternity, Inc.

Negros Tai Guan Temple, Inc.

Tang Yu Foundation, Inc.

Panay & Negros Occidental Chapter

Philippine Liong Tek Fraternity Bacolod Chapter

Philippine Se Ho Lim Family Association

Filipino Chinese Wei Due Fraternity Negros Occidental Chapter

Negros Liat San Temple Association

Philippine Long Se Lee Family Association

Yap Fraternity, Inc. Bacolod

Bacolod Filipino Cantonese Civic Foundation

Bacolod Tay Tung High School Principal and Board of Trustees

St. John’s Institute Board of Trustees

St, John’s Institute

Bacolod Trinity Christian School Board of Trustees

Bacolod Trinity Christian School

Bacolaodiat Inc.

(Source: Bacolod Public Information Office)

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