June 16, 2023 – An initial joint investment forum with the City of Bacolod, Provincial Government of Negros Occidental, City of Victorias and private sectors was conducted with Charoen Pokphand Food Philippines (CPF) at the Negros Residences.

Graced by Bacolod City Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez, Provincial Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson, Councilors Celia Flor, Simple Distritio, Victorias City Administrator Atty. Lindolf De Castro–on behalf of Victorias City Mayor Javi Benitez– city and provincial department heads, and the Senior Vice-President of the Agro-Industry Business Group of CPF Udomsak Aksornphakdee.

The two cities and the province presented their economic profile and possible investment areas for agricultural and animal production,

In his opening statement, Mayor Benitez hopes that CPF will consider Bacolod City as one of their hubs for expansion. Benitez also mentioned that the city will work aggressively and passionately with CPF.

Governor Lacson aslo said in his statement that the company’s expertise in the field of agriculture and animal production will benefit the entire province, Bacolod included.

CPF Philippines is a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF), a Thai-based international agro-industrial and food conglomerate that is active in a number of food-related activities, including the production of animal feed, raising livestock, and food processing.

“Wherever we [CPF Philippines] invest, the first thing that we are thinking about is the country will be benefited, next the people, and lastly the country, that’s why we are looking for an opportunity in this business.” Senior Vice-President Aksornphakdee, stated.

The company also gives significant emphasis on sustainability and responsible business practices by prioritizing food safety, animal welfare, and environmental conservation throughout their operations. The company aims to meet the growing demand for safe and nutritious food products in the Philippines while contributing to the country’s economic development.
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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