November 23, 2023- The City of Bacolod, guided by City Ordinance 09-17-819, has officially declared the fourth Thursday of November each year as a day of Thanksgiving. This initiative, proposed by esteemed consultant and author Atty. Sonya Verdeflor, aligns the city with the spirit of gratitude observed worldwide.

Under the theme “Let’s celebrate and be thankful for all the blessings,” the City of Bacolod actively participated in the World Thanksgiving Day celebration at the Bacolod City Government Center lobby.

Mayor Albee Benitez conveyed a thoughtful message, and Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran shared his remarks. Councilors Celia Flor led the scripture reading, while Renecito Novero guided the assembly in the opening prayer. Notably, Atty. Sonya Verdeflor was present, delivering a significant message, and Councilor Pao Sy also attended, contributing to the event’s overall significance.

This effort underscores Bacolod’s commitment to fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment of the blessings that bind the community together.
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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