August 30, 2023 – In the aftermath of #π™‚π™Šπ™π™„π™‰π™‚π™‹π™, city officials led by Mayor Albee and concerned agencies, have taken a proactive stance by conducting a comprehensive meeting at Bacolod City Government Center.

Attendees were DPWH District Engineer Abraham Villareal, Bacolod City Engineers, Department Heads, and City Councilors Vladi Gonzales, Psyche Marie Sy, Al Victor Espino and Lady Gles Pallen.

The primary objective of the meeting was to pinpoint the root causes of the flooding and to formulate effective strategies to minimize if not eradicate flooding in Bacolod City.

Obstructions along rivers and creeks, the accumulation of sediments in waterways originating from upland areas, and the lack of interconnection of inland drainage systems were some of the root causes identified.

To address these problems, a range of potential solutions were proposed which includes the construction of flood walls along vulnerable rivers and creeks, dredging of sediment-clogged waterways, interconnecting the existing drainage systems, upgrading the capacity of current drainage infrastructure, and implementing proper management practices to clear obstructions from rivers and creeks.

Mayor Albee Benitez also shared the initiative of Delta Works in Netherlands, a series of pumping stations that are responsible for controlling water levels and ensuring that excess water is pumped out to sea which prevents flooding.

Whichever proactive approach the city will take in the near future, the safety and welfare of every Bacolodnon is of topmost priority.

(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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