Headed by Hon. Mayor Albee Benitez, the BTAC held a press conference regarding the new traffic plan at Bacolod City Government Center’s Masskara Hall.

The traffic plan was presented by BTAO Head Police Major Junjie Liba. He discussed about the three proposed strategies to be carried out this month.

First, there will be a one-way scheme along the streets of Lacson, Aguinaldo, and Gatuslao.

Aguinaldo street, on south to north direction, will be a one-way road with diagonal parking, eastside only.

Gatuslao street, on north to south, will be a one-way road with diagonal parking, westside only.

Streets from Lacson to Aguinaldo, from east to west, westward, can only pass through twelfth, fourteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, twenty second, twenty third and twenty fifth streets (Diagonal Parking, northside only).

Streets from Aguinaldo to Lacson, from west to east, eastward can only pass through thirteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth, twenty first, twenty fourth streets (Diagonal Parking southside only).

Secondly, truck-ban hours.

According to BTAC they will have a 6-9PM truck-ban hours with no window hour for all trucks passing through the Circumferential Road and there are only 14 exemptions to the truck-ban as stated by the City Ordinance 542.

Lastly, clamping and towing for illegal parkings around the city. This strategy is yet to be finalized with the city’s third party contractor but will surely be implemented once everything is settled.

This new traffic plan will take effect starting Monday, Dec. 12.

Exemptions from Truck Ban, click here: http://bitly.ws/xBrc
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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