June 18, 2023 – As the city celebrates the “sapphire” year of its 85th Charter, 4 notable Bacolodnons were recognized by the city as Ang Banwahanon Awardee, at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod.

Awardees recognized for this year’s Ang Banwahanon Award are; Willy Au, Ian Manuel Lo, Benjamin Lopue, Jr., and Ruby “Token” Lizares.

The 4 awardees exemplify selfless service achievements that served as an inspiration and a model worthy of emulation by the residents of the City of Bacolod in particular and the country in general.

Au was given recognition for his immediate response to the various needs of the people in the barangays during the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic, support for the mobile medical laboratories, and provided additional equipment for the fire prevention and disaster rescue operations in the city.

While Lo was merited for contributing significantly to the public health programs, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, extending livelihood opportunities for indigents, supporting sports activities, and assisting in the fire prevention and disaster relief operations of the City.

Lopue was awarded for his contributions in the training and education of the youth, improvement of public school buildings, providing scholarships to deserving students, support for the police in maintaining peace and order, and other numerous undertakings to improve the social and health conditions of the communities.

And, Lizares for her charity concerts for the benefit of the home for the aged, orphanages, children in need of medical attention, breast cancer patients, for humanitarian causes and help extended to charitable institutions in their mission to serve the poor and the people of Bacolod, thus clearly demonstrating a citizen’s selfless service for the welfare of others and their social upliftment.

Ang Banwahanon Award is known as the highest award given to the Bacolodnons whose life or service has had a considerable impact on the people and community in the city.

Moreover, the Ang Banwahanon Award is notable for its considerable impact for services rendered to the residents of the city or the community that have immensely contributed to the economic, cultural, sports, social, moral, or educational development of the city.

(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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