In a concerted effort to ensure the continuous improvement of local government units (LGUs), DILG put together a dedicated team of National Validators that conducted an intensive assessment and validation process of Bacolod City for the coveted Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) 2023.

The national validation team was led by Regional Director, Region III Atty. Anthony C. Nuyda, CESO III; Assistant Division Chief, LGMED Aldwin Reyes and LGOO V Isaac Joshua Macabali, contributed their expertise to evaluate different facets of governance Bacolod City.

Mayor Albee Benitez, along with City Councilors Thaddy Sayson, Celia Flor, Ayesha Villaflor, and Lady Gles Pallen, as well as City Administrator Atty. Pacifico Maghari III, and DILG City Director Ma. Joy Marideth Madayag, were also present in the validation process.

This rigorous evaluation took place at the BCGC lobby on September 29, 2023, where Atty. Anthony Nuyda and Mr. Aldwin Reyes conducted interviews with department heads across the 10 crucial areas of governance. Their meticulous examination aimed to ensure that Bacolod adhere to the highest standards of governance.

Simultaneously, Mr. Isaac Joshua Macabali embarked on an on-site visit to several barangays and government facilities across the city. His observations and assessments contributed to the comprehensive evaluation of the LGUs’ performance.

The SGLG assessment covered 10 fundamental areas of governance:

1. Financial Administration

2. Disaster Preparedness

3. Social Protection and Sensitivity

4. Health Compliance and Responsiveness

5. Sustainable Education

6. Business Friendliness and Competitiveness

7. Safety, Peace, and Order

8. Environmental Management

9. Tourism and Culture and Arts

10. Youth Development

Mayor Albee Benitez expressed the LGUs’ commitment to exceeding expectations: “We will strive and make initiatives and innovations to be better than good in achieving the goals of what we have set for. You will be seeing few innovations on how we can be more effective in the delivery of our public service, making sure that we stand out among other LGUs, and this is not just for compliance but we want to give something more to our constituents.”

The SGLG serves a vital purpose in promoting good governance practices within LGUs. It encourages them to meet the highest standards in providing essential services to their communities, promoting transparency, accountability, and responsiveness.

The culmination of these efforts will be the highly anticipated awarding ceremony scheduled to take place at the Manila Hotel in December 2023.

In conclusion, the validation and assessment of LGUs for the SGLG 2023 reflect a collective commitment to improving governance and public service delivery. These efforts not only ensure compliance but also inspire innovation and excellence within local government units, ultimately benefiting the constituents they serve.

(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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