Today, the Bacolod City DRRM Rescuelympics 2023, with the theme “BIDAng Pilipino: Building a stronger Filipino Well-being Towards Disaster Resilience,” saw enthusiastic participation from all barangays, along with the esteemed presence of Councilor Pao Sy, Bacolod DRRMO head, Dr. Anna Maria Laarni Pornan, and the Bacolod City Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

The event commenced with a demonstration by the BFP, where they showcased vital techniques in extinguishing fires effectively. They also provided valuable insights on rescuing and responding to various emergency incidents, ensuring that all representatives of the barangays are well-equipped with life-saving skills.

This afternoon, Rescuelympics shifted gears to a series of thrilling games closely related to rescuing. These activities not only fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants but also tested their readiness in simulated emergency scenarios. The event successfully combined education, hands-on training, and fun to create an impactful experience for all attendees.

The Bacolod City Rescuelympics 2023 was a collaborative effort of the Bacolod CIty Government led by Bacolod DRRMO head, Dr. Anna Maria Laarni Pornan, the Bacolod City Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and all barangays. By promoting disaster resilience and emphasizing the importance of a united community in times of crisis, the event has taken a significant step towards building a stronger and more resilient Bacolod.

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