Bacolod City aspires for a peaceful transition to fully modernized jeeps thus, a series of separate meetings have started between the LGU, modernized and Traditional jeepney drivers and operators.

Modernized jeepney operators are encouraging traditional jeepney drivers to shift to modernized as currently, they are in need of drivers from Bacolod City. The city also sees that for a smooth transition, traditional jeepney drivers may either apply for consolidation to be given a probational authority to operate until March 31, 2023 as Interim operators or fully shift to modernized by applying for the available routes as a cooperative.

The traditional jeepney operators are still appealing to the national government, with the help of Mayor Albee Benitez, to allow them to purchase only the Euro IV engine, the one used for modernized jeepneys, so they can assemble their own modernized jeeps.
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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