February 5, 2024 – Under the Bacolod City Comprehensive Health Program (BacCHP) of Mayor Albee Benitez in partnership with the Negros First Blood Bank, a city-wide bloodletting activity, “Dugo Mo, Kaluwason Ko: A Drop of Blood can Save an Ocean of Lives” was conducted to provide medical help to those people or patients who are in need of blood today at the Bacolod City Government Center Lobby.

Led by Special Assistant to the Mayor Engr. Mae Cuaycong, together with various departments such as the City Health Office (CHO), Public Affairs & Assistance Division (PAAD), and the SK Federation.

A screening process was done before blood extraction to identify the qualified donors with 113 out of 279 people who expressed their willingness to share their blood passing the mentioned process, accumulating a total of 113 blood bags which will then be stored in the Negros First Blood Bank. Alongside the bloodletting activity, there was also the conduct of a free screening of tumors and cysts wherein identified patients will undergo further tests, a thorough evaluation, and a minor operation.

Those who are interested to ask blood are referred to coordinate with the BacCHP Office. Finally, as a sign of appreciation for the blood donors, food boxes consisting of 5 kilograms of rice and 10 canned goods were given during the activity.
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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