October 15, 2023 – The Bacolod Public Plaza Main Stage was set ablaze with talent as the city’s finest performers took center stage at the talent showcase spearheaded by Christopher A. Mallo, Festival Site Director, and Eduardo Pillora, Creative Director.

This vibrant event, which featured categories including Dance (solo, duo, and trio), Singing (solo, duo, and trio) and the mesmerizing Fire Dance Performance, witnessed a brilliant display of local talents.

In the thrilling showdown, Pearly Lane Alviro’s exceptional vocal prowess captivated the audience, securing her the title of Champion in the Singing category. The Bacolod Fire Artist dazzled the crowd with an astonishing Fire Dance performance, earning the title of 1st Runner-up. Cressa Alfabeto’s melodious voice earned her the honor of 2nd Runner-up in the Singing category.

The event, which saw top talents vying for recognition and prestige, had a profound purpose at its core. It aimed to provide Bacolodnons with a platform to showcase their talents and skills, inspiring younger generations to hone and polish their unique abilities. This showcase not only celebrated the city’s diverse talent but also encouraged the spirit of creativity and self-expression in Bacolod’s youth.

The event’s resounding success reaffirms Bacolod’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating the arts while offering local talents the opportunity to shine on a grand stage.
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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