September 6, 2022 – PrimeWater Bacolod has consolidated short and long term solutions with the Bacolod City Government to solve water consumption issues the City has been experiencing over the last several months.

Present in the discussion were Mayor Albee Benitez and City councilors: Hon. Kalaw Puentevella, Hon. Pao Sy, Hon. Celia Flor, and Hon. Thaddy Sayson. City Administrator Pacifico Maghari III has also attended.

The meeting was a response of PrimeWater after Mayor Benitez initiated Isugid Kay Mayor: Citizen Water Watch in his official Facebook page, an online survey that was conducted to recognize the pulse of the citizens regarding issues in electricity, waste, and water.

“Low pressure to no water, dirty/turbid water, and scheduled water supply” were the top and common complaints, PrimeWater outlined on the basis of the survey.

PrimeWater have explained that the causes of low pressure to no water is due to low production capacity and clogged service connections.

Meanwhile, dirty water results from releasing of water from reservoirs, maintenance activities, inconsistent supply of bulk water, and accumulation of minerals and sediments occurring inside the pipe.

Additionally, power interruptions and pipeline leakage and breakage were the common causes of the said concerns.

PrimeWater presented action plans to resolve the issues, few of which is a pro-active leak finding of its technical team, purchase of additional generator sets, shifting from groundwater to surface/spring water source, and continuous pipeline rehabilitation and replacement to mitigate and increase pressure of water.

To solve dirty water, regular cleaning of elevated tanks and reservoirs, pipeline cleaning through air scouring and line chlorination, also shifting from groundwater to surface/spring water source, construction of additional reservoirs, and continuous pipeline rehabilitation and replacement were planned.

Rebates and waiving of payment below 10 cubic meter water consumption (standard rate) were also in the dialogue.

Mayor Benitez mentioned that he will also take the attention of BACIWA in the matters of water supply.

PrimeWaters said that it will release an action plan to the public soon.

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