Mayor Alfredo Abelardo B. Benitez outlined his vision and ongoing efforts to transform Bacolod into a “Super City” during his State of the City Address (SOCA), Wednesday night, July 3, at the Bacolod City Government Center grounds.

Emphasizing the city’s rich history and future potential, Benitez’s speech highlighted significant achievements and ambitious plans for the city’s development.

Honoring Bacolod’s Legacy

Benitez began by reminiscing about Bacolod’s storied past, inspired by memorabilia from the Old Bacolod. He referenced Mayor Alfredo Montelibano Sr.’s 1938 inaugural speech, which called for the city’s elevation and transformation. “Old Bacolod had been great. But we can be greater,” Benitez asserted, calling for innovation and a renewed sense of civic duty.

Benitez elaborated on his administration’s efforts to transform Bacolod through what he termed the “4S of Super City”: Shared Values, Services, Strategic Industries, and Smart Solutions.

Shared Values and Good Governance

He stressed the importance of good governance, highlighting the elimination of ghost employees and improved work ethics among city employees. Rewarding diligent workers, empowering department heads, and fostering a culture of service and innovation were central to his strategy.

Enhanced Services for Citizens

Benitez proudly reported improvements in service delivery. The BacCHP program has made healthcare more accessible, and financial assistance programs like “Bayad Agad” have expedited aid to the needy. Burial assistance has also been streamlined, and a new voucher system for free medicine is being implemented.

Strategic Industries and Infrastructure

Addressing water and electricity issues, Benitez cited interventions with BACIWA-PrimeWater and the ERC, which have improved water supply and reduced electricity rates. He also mentioned ongoing iconic infrastructure projects and initiatives to boost tourism and the creative economy, including the successful Bacolod Film Festival.

Smart Solutions for a Modern Bacolod

The mayor detailed smart innovations like the Government Services Express (GSE) and Bacolod Express Service Office (BESO), which have simplified administrative processes. Efforts to increase revenue, promote e-vehicles, and invest in solar power were also highlighted.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Benitez underscored the city’s commitment to sustainability, with projects like the Bacolod Integrated Recycling and Teaching Hub and flood control measures. He also announced the installation of solar panels and the promotion of green routes to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

Unity and Endurance for Lasting Change

Acknowledging the challenges of change, Benitez called for unity and endurance. He emphasized that transforming Bacolod is a marathon, not a sprint, and urged citizens to continue supporting the city’s development efforts.

Benitez concluded his address with a call to action, urging Bacolodnons to sustain their momentum and fulfill the dream of making Bacolod a Super City.

“Together, let us finish the job. Together, let us fulfill the dream for Bacolod to become a Super City,” he declared.

The address was met with enthusiastic applause, reflecting broad support for the mayor’s ambitious vision and ongoing initiatives.
(Source: iFM Bacolod 943 Facebook Page)

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