IPM CDC-Waste Division, in partnership with BEST, Inc. Trash to CashBack (TTCB) Program and bXTRA, mobilizes an incentivized proper waste management for Bacolodnons to earn points and exchange into prizes and incentives.

Mayor Albee Benitez’ sought to give rewards to residents and begin the change within themselves in order to holistically solve waste problems in Bacolod City, thus he lobbied for the initiative of IPM-CDC.

With every one kilo of garbage (preferably segregated) is equivalent to one e-raffle ticket and a chance to receive daily prizes. They can give their recyclable wastes at the material recovery facility (IPM-MRF) in Brgy. 13.

Residents can also redeem various commodities (canned goods, school and laundry supplies etc.) on trash to Cashback pickup area at BCGC with their accumulated environmental points out from recyclable wastes.

The program engages households, communities and barangays on proper management of their wastes through timely disposal in the proper area or location. This is to develop behavioral change within Bacolodnons towards proper waste management.

Micro, small and medium enterprises can also be empowered by connecting with bXTRA as partner merchants.

To register and for further details, you may visit this link Social Media Page (qrco.de) or scan the QR code attached in this post.
(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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