November 4, 2023– BCPO, led by PCOL NOEL C ALIÑO, introduced the B-MASCOT POLICE project, featuring life-sized police mascots named Patrolman Inasal and Patrolwoman Masskara. This initiative is inspired by Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez’s vision for a peaceful and progressive community, aiming to strengthen police-community bonds by spreading joy.

Spreading Happiness: The mascots, Patrolman Inasal and Patrolman Masskara, engage the community with friendly interactions, fostering a joyful atmosphere.

Targeting Underprivileged Children: The project focuses on bringing smiles to underprivileged children by visiting their communities and providing entertainment.

Community Engagement: The mascots represent the police force and promote trust and a positive image of law enforcement among residents.

Symbolizing Local Festivals: Named after Bacolod’s Inasal and Masskara festivals, the mascots celebrate the city’s cultural heritage, fostering pride and unity.

This initiative uplifts children’s spirits, enhances police-community relations, and showcases BCPO’s commitment to community welfare while embodying Bacolod City’s rich cultural heritage.

We heard they dance too, watch out for their dance video, soon!

(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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