July 21, 2023- Mayor Albee Benitez together with the Solid Waste Management Board members convened a regular meeting at Conference Hall 1 of the new City Mayors Office to address crucial matters pertaining to waste management in the City of Bacolod.

The meeting started with a warm welcome extended to the newly appointed SWM Board Members namely, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. Mr. Andy Coscolluela, DENR Engr. Victor Thomas Ureta, Dep-Ed Mr. Cellestino Nifras, also present at the meeting was HRANO President and an old member of SWMB, Mr. Bobby Magalona.

With fresh perspectives and insights, the Board is poised to tackle waste management challenges more effectively. One of the primary items on the agenda was the Update on Garbage Hauling Performance and Cost.The board assessed the monthly collection report, complaints, and billing costs related to garbage hauling. The Board also deliberated on the progress of Land Acquisition for Bacolod Integrated Recycling and Technology Hub (BIRTH). Another important proposal discussed during the meeting was the Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) and also Update on PPP Proposal for BIRTH.

Several topics were also discussed such as the DPS Proposal for New Transfer Stations, Updating of Ten-Year Solid Waste Management Plan, GIZ Initiative on Study of Plastic Waste Leakages and Engineering Interventions to Extend Lifespan of SLF.

In addition to these key topics, the Board received an update from the Department of Education (DepEd) regarding the collection of the IBM. Garbage collection in all schools will be scheduled every Sunday, ensuring a coordinated effort towards effective waste management in educational institutions.

The SWM Board’s regular meeting marked a significant step towards addressing various waste management challenges and fostering sustainable practices within the community. By engaging in productive discussions and exploring innovative solutions, the Board demonstrated its commitment to ensuring a cleaner, greener, and more eco-friendly future for Bacolod City.

(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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